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We help you improve as a Rugby player on and off the field.

We interview top class players, coaches, trainers and former players. Helping you to learn from experience and pass on high quality rugby content and information.

On field

Specific tips, strategies, and tactics from the past and present professional players. Get bigger and build mass the right way with a rugby specific focus. Become stronger on and off the field. Develop your speed and become faster. Conditioning tips you can do prior to training. Skill specific tips and training methods.

Off the field

We look at topics that focus on Rugby and everything in between, nutrition, diet and supplement advice. We developed this site to give massive value to the Rugby community and because there is a shitload of crap advice for Rugby players.

We give you strategies, tactics, and advice on career pathways and your way to becoming a professional. We can also help you with a backup plan in case you suffer a career ending injury. We aim to help the Rugby community on and off the field.

Proven training guides and programs we have worked with as professionals and adapted from some of the best strength and conditioning trainers in the world.

You can learn how to prevent and overcome injury set backs.

Learn specific drills and skills to put into your game and how to develop them.

ProRugby Club was not happy with the training content and information currently being offered to young players and existing professionals. Our goal is to be the best resource for Rugby players. We want to give honest, reliable and valuable content to help ambitious players and people to succeed on and off the field.

Giving back

We are highly involved with Grassroots rugby and supporting Rugby charities. Our charity we work closely with is the Stevie Sims Cavaliers and we give back to the game wherever possible.  

We aim to set up a fund for retiring professionals and those who have suffered career ending injuries. We would also like to help retiring professionals transition from full time Rugby or amateur rugby into work, business and other careers.

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